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- Why should you insulate your home?

To provide you comfort in your home all year, save electricity costs and reduce greenhouse emissions you should have your home insulated from the roof down to the underfloor/underslab. Insulation acts as barrier to heat flow and is essential for keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

- Difference between Bulk Vs Reflective Insulation?

Bulk Insulation uses pockets of trapped air within its structure to resist the transfer of heat. It's thermal efficiencies is essentially the same regardless of the direction of heat. Eg. Heat transfer into the building or heat transfer out of the building.Reflective insulation on the other hand mainly resists radiant heat flow because of its high reflectivity and low emissivity (ability to re-radiate heat), meaning the heat is reflected away and doesn't enter your building. The ability of the reflective insulation relies on a presence of an air layer next to the shiny surface. The thermal resistance of reflective insulation is higher with heat transfer into the building.

- What is a R Value?

The R-value is a measure of the insulation resistance to heat flow, also known as thermal resistance. The greater the R-value, the greater the resistance to heat transfer, and the greater the insulating effect and subsequent energy savings.

- How do I install Foilboard in my shed?

Foilboard Insulation Products are an easy and efficient way to improve the comfort of your shed and substantially improve your electricity/energy costs.Please find the recommended installation guide at

-Do we install the insulation?

Unfortunately Energymasta do not provide an installation service however please contact us if you need help to find a installation provider. If you are an insulation contractor who would like to undertake our training and be listed as a preferred installation provider.

-Why should I insulate my slab with Slabmate?

It is a lightweight, safe and easy to install and will maintain its R value for the life the building. Slabmate is the cost effective solution to help you increase your building’s energy efficiency. The product is easy to install and made in Australia to handle Australia’s environmental conditions.

-Are the products made in Australia?

We proudly sell Australian made products made by Australian owned families.